Sunday, July 6, 2014

Jardin du Thé | Grenoble

Jardin du Thé is one of the essential places in Grenoble. If you're a tea lover, it easily becomes the heaven for your tea hours. When you sit at your table, they bring you the bible of tea. There are teas from all over the world presented according to their locations (Japan, China, India, Russia, GeorgiaTurkeyBrazil, United Kingdom,...) and their colors, aromas and parfumes (white, yellow, black, green, smoked,...). That is one of the places where I go countless times especially during winters. You can also bring back home which ever tea you want. What else I can ask for, this is my secret garden.
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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Tokyo | Ginkgo Avenue (aka Icho Namiki)

ginkgo avenue (aka icho namiki) - 1

Ginkgo Avenue is probably one of the spots in Tokyo where you will have the autumn scenary of your life. The four rows of ginkgo trees are there since a little more than a century. These gorgeous trees stretch out for 300 meters on both sides of the road and create a certain dose of autumn drama.
  ginkgo avenue (aka icho namiki) - 2ginkgo avenue (aka icho namiki) - 3 ginkgo avenue (aka icho namiki) - 4 ginkgo avenue (aka icho namiki) - 5 ginkgo avenue (aka icho namiki) - 6 ginkgo avenue (aka icho namiki) - 7 ginkgo avenue (aka icho namiki) - 8 ginkgo avenue (aka icho namiki) - 9 ginkgo avenue (aka icho namiki) - 10 ginkgo avenue (aka icho namiki) - 11 ginkgo avenue (aka icho namiki) - 12 ginkgo avenue (aka icho namiki) - 13

"This leaf from a tree in the East,
Has been given to my garden.
It reveals a certain secret,
Which pleases me and thoughtful people.

Is it a living being,
Which has separated in itself?
Or are these two, who chose
To be recognized as one?

Answering this kind of question,
Haven't I found the proper meaning,
Don't you feel in my songs,
That I'm one and double?"
              --Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, Ginkgo Biloba
                 September 15, 1815

Monday, June 16, 2014

Le Bal des Ardents | Lyon


Le Bal des Ardents is a bookstore in Lyon, with probably one of the most alluring entrance that you may have ever seen. The entrance is designed with books making an arc all around the gate which might give you the impression that you're entering to a secret pavilion where you can find any book you were looking for. It always inspires me to snap a photo of the entrance before diving into this little heaven.

le-bal-des-ardents-2 le-bal-des-ardents-4 le-bal-des-ardents-5 le-bal-des-ardents-6 le-bal-des-ardents-7 le-bal-des-ardents-8 le-bal-des-ardents-9

I might have to say, there is a lovely lady inside that welcomes you -and your camera-, but the shutter sound of your camera might disturb the patron who might think that you're breaking some copyright laws and he might warn you upon. Please tell him that you're not there to reproduce some pirate books (or you wouldn't probably do it with a dslr camera lol), but to enjoy the view and hopefully acquire a tresure that you were longing for :)