Friday, February 20, 2015

Dans les Rues | Paris

I have been very busy recently and couldn't keep up with this blog very much. Many changes have happened over the course of the last months and I felt like I was in a whirlwind of events. I got married at the end of September :) We moved from Grenoble to Munich on 1st of October, (France → Germany, this wasn't a small change in my life). It has been 5 months already but the transition continues. I have eventually finished writing my thesis (did I ever mention that I was doing a phd?), which -I can say- was the most time-consuming project that I have endeavored in recent years. I will post more about Munich and Germany later as I live here now, but I was digging old photos today and I found these ones that I took in Paris. Even though Paris is not my only favorite place to be in France, I think these photos were enough to make me home sick. Over several years, France became my second home. I miss my friends, French people and everything (I will write more on that later too) and I do my best to make Germany my home as well. I already love Munich, but now let's visit Paris in September...
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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Jardin du Thé | Grenoble

Jardin du Thé is one of the essential places in Grenoble. If you're a tea lover, it easily becomes the heaven for your tea hours. When you sit at your table, they bring you the bible of tea. There are teas from all over the world presented according to their locations (Japan, China, India, Russia, GeorgiaTurkeyBrazil, United Kingdom,...) and their colors, aromas and parfumes (white, yellow, black, green, smoked,...). That is one of the places where I go countless times especially during winters. You can also bring back home which ever tea you want. What else I can ask for, this is my secret garden.
jardin-du-thé-9 jardin-du-thé-3 jardin-du-thé-1 jardin-du-thé-7 jardin-du-thé-6 jardin-du-thé-8 jardin-du-thé-2 jardin-du-thé-11